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The Future of Flood Prevention in Lisbon

Greenmetrics is a company focused on the development of intelligent sensor solutions aimed at the environmental impact and mitigation of climate change risks. We are proud to be able to positively contribute to today's most relevant threat through the implementation of the most advanced technologies for alerting and preventing damage caused by natural catastrophes.

Lisbon, a city historically prone to flooding, is now at the forefront of adopting an innovative and proactive strategy to combat this challenge. The pilot project started recently with the Civil Protection of Lisbon and the City Council for the installation of a flood sensor system in the city's main road tunnels marks a significant step towards a safer and more resilient future.

These sensors, which will allow the monitoring and early detection of phenomena with a potential risk of human and material damage caused by floods, are a clear testament to the power of technology in combating natural disasters. The idea is simple but powerful: gain essential minutes to activate prevention and relief measures before occurrences become critical.

This initiative is an example of the potential of the Internet of Things in action, an area in which greenmetrics intends to establish itself as a reference at European level. Smart sensor technology connected through the LoRa protocol allows not only a quick response in an emergency, but also the ability to collect data in real-time for analysis and informed decision making based on advanced data analysis using Machine Learning and Intelligence Artificial. This solution opens new avenues for cities to become smarter and more resilient, using technology to improve citizens' safety and quality of life.

The installation of these sensors is part of a pilot project that aims to monitor critical points in the City of Lisbon and test the response in case of flooding. The system is made up of sensors that measure the height of flow in drainage conduits to monitor flow peaks (anticipation) and flood detection sensors placed in high-risk areas (alarmistic). The sensors were installed in 10 locations, including Avenida João XXI, Campo Pequeno, Entrecampos, Campo Grande Nascente, Campo Grande Poente, Rua Batista Russo, Rua da Palma and in Alcântara.

In Portugal, we face both the risk of droughts and floods, so the implementation of advanced technologies to monitor environmental conditions and respond effectively is extremely important. greenmetrics is committed to providing technological solutions that contribute to increased resilience and adaptation to climate change, efficient water management and protection of populations against natural disasters.

We are thus participating in initiatives such as that of the Lisbon City Council, which demonstrate a serious commitment to innovation, safety and sustainability. As we look to the future, we remain focused on developing and implementing technologies that make the world a safer, more resilient and sustainable place for all.

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