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Smart Sensors to Combat the Effects of Drought in the Algarve

The south of the country is facing conditions of water scarcity and the regions of Alentejo and Algarve are facing a situation of severe and extreme drought. The Government is responding to the water crisis by creating a "task force" dedicated to the Algarve to define and monitor the implementation of restrictive measures on water consumption for irrigation. Restrictive measures have already come into force in the eastern Algarve and the Government intends to reduce water consumption by underground bodies in the Algarve region by 15%.

However, simply restricting consumption does not solve the problem of inefficient use of water resources and can even cause significant economic impacts in terms of losses in agricultural production and also in the golf tourism sector, which is so important in the region. Effective and cost-effective tools already exist to enable efficient water use and in this article we will explore how greenmetrics can help mitigate the risks caused by drought in Portugal.

The Problem of Drought and the Need for Innovative Solutions

Severe drought conditions are a serious problem that requires a multidimensional approach. The Minister for the Environment and Climate Action, Duarte Cordeiro, announced a 20% reduction in the water quota for agriculture at the Odeleite and Beliche dams, as well as a 20% reduction in the water used on the golf courses. All these measures, although necessary, point to an urgent need for innovation. The implementation of real-time monitoring solutions for soil moisture conditions are part of the way forward, allowing for a more efficient and effective use of water resources. This is where greenmetrics comes in.

Scalable Smart Sensor Solution

Greenmetrics is a Portuguese company specialized in developing solutions with smart sensors to combat the effects of climate change. Our sensors allow monitoring of a wide range of environmental and operational variables, allowing users to monitor conditions in real-time and respond accordingly. Visualizing what sensors collect can help producers and greenkeepers substantially reduce water waste, helping to create more resilient operations in the face of the challenges created by climate change.

Real-Time Soil Moisture Monitoring

To deal with the effects of drought, greenmetrics offers sensors that make it possible to measure soil moisture, temperature and atmospheric pressure, hours of sunlight, volumetric irrigation flow, energy consumption of pumps, among many other variables. With access to this real-time data, growers and greenkeepers can optimize irrigation practices, watering only when needed and in the right amount for the soil's needs. This is the tool that was missing to promote a change in habits based on real data that can result in water savings of up to 30%.

Catalyst for the Effectiveness of Implemented Measures

Greenmetrics has a crucial role to play within the measures announced for the efficient use of water in the Algarve. Our data visualization technology in a smart dashboard allows the definition of specific soil moisture content targets, creation of parameters and customized alerts via email or SMS, allowing users to make informed and data-driven decisions about how and where reduce water consumption to comply with the reduction imposed by restrictive measures - without affecting productivity.

LoRa Technology: A Solution for the Future

Greenmetrics solutions contribute to creating a more sustainable and resilient future in a scalable way. LoRa technology allows growers and greenkeepers to install wireless sensors buried in the ground, without the need for cables, solar panels or mobile data SIM cards. This technological advancement makes this solution economically viable to respond to the current crisis quickly and effectively, allowing agricultural producers and greenkeepers to take a leap in efficiency in the management of water resources, helping to protect the environment for present and future generations.


Greenmetrics proposes an effective and efficient solution to the drought crisis in Portugal. Using LoRa technology we can optimize water use, adapt to ever-changing environmental conditions and prepare for a more sustainable future. This is the true strength of technological innovation - the ability to meet today's challenges and prepare for tomorrow's.

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