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Measure what matters.

Turn real-world data into real-time decisions to optimize resource usage and mitigate climate change risks using smart sensors and advanced data analytics.

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Efficient Water Usage

Helping to reduce water usage by up to 30%.

Innovative and sustainable solutions to generate insights about the state of the soil to achieve the next level of precision in golf course irrigation.

No cables, no SIM cards, no solar panels. Just data.

Flood Prevention

Mitigate the effects of extreme weather.

Smart sensors to monitor underground drainage systems and alert authorities of the occurrence of natural disasters quickly and effectively, reducing human and environmental damage.

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Our Clients & Partners

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Our Vision

We envision a future in which technology and human ingenuity are allies of the natural world.


A future where data guides us on the path to a more sustainable, balanced and harmonious way of living.

Together, we will forge a new era of resilience, adaptability and harmony, preserving the delicate balance of our planet for future generations.

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Empowering Sustainability through Data and Technology

We create end-to-end solutions leveraging the power of IoT and Data Science to enhance climate resilience and resource efficiency, addressing the growing need for innovative adaptation strategies.

Optimize Resource Management

Our smart sensor solutions enable intelligent resource management, promoting sustainable practices reducing waste and conserving valuable resources for a greener future.

Build Resilience to Extreme Weather

We help businesses and cities prepare for floods, droughts, heatwaves and frosts, while minimizing disruptions through the use of innovative, effective data-driven technology.

Mitigate Climate Risks Through Adaptation

Proactively adapt to climate change, mitigating risks and minimizing environmental impacts by leveraging smart sensors and advanced analytics solutions.

Increase Productivity on Data-Driven Decisions

Identify inefficiencies, optimize processes, streamline operations, and maximize productivity, driving sustainable and cost-effective results throughout your processes.

Our Solutions

Smart sensors and data analytics to address environmental and operational challenges focusing on water and energy usage optimization, flood detection and prevention, wildlife tracking, among other customized applications.

We enable users to make well-informed data-driven decisions, improving operational efficiency and minimizing resource waste, fostering sustainability to adapt and build resilience against the growing effects climate change.

We proudly stand at the forefront of driving positive transformative change through the implementation of our cutting-edge solutions combining advanced IoT and Data Science with nature's timeless wisdom.

How does it work?

LoRaWAN Network

LoRaWAN stands for Long Range Wide Area Network. It is an innovative communication protocol designed for low-power wireless sensors, allowing communication within ranges of up to 10km with a battery lifetime of up to 10 years.


Smart Sensors

Wireless devices that capture and transmit data to the network about the surrounding environment - temperature, humidity, leakage detection, CO2 concentration, distance to objects, location, etc. - without the need for Wi-fi or 4G.

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Data Analytics

The data collected by the sensors is transmitted in real-time to a server and can be accessed by the user in a customized app or dashboard on any computer, smartphone or tablet. This data is transformed into insights using advanced data science methods.


We thrive at the intersection between nature and technology.

Our smart sensors continuously collect operational and environmental data, enabling you to monitor and understand the world around you in real-time.

In a world where nature and technology intertwine, we are dedicated to contributing to the creation of a more sustainable and resilient future by integrating innovative technology with the environment.

We stand at the forefront of change, leveraging the power of data to help mitigate risks and minimize impacts, contributing positively to ensure the safety and prosperity of our communities.

Start measuring what matters.

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